Thursday, 17 July 2014

Private notes on sales order and POs

We've upgraded OrderHarmony's notes feature, so that you can now make private notes on your sales orders & purchase orders.

If you use the customer portal or supplier portal, private notes are hidden from your external users too. You'll notice the little "PRIVATE" label on the note.

Private notes are visible to your users but don't get shown to your customers or suppliers on PDF paperwork or emails.

To make a private note, just be sure to tick the box as you are creating a note:

Private notes are available right now to all OrderHarmony customers.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

New pick sheet tags, fine-grained permissions, product finder tweaks

A flock of small new features for you today

Product finder improvements

If you have many similarly-named products you'll like this change, you now get up to 100 results in the auto-complete box when finding products to add to a sales order. They are still sorted by relevance, but you now can scroll down to help find those more obscure products.

Pick sheet PDF merge tags

The pick sheet PDF now has a load more merge tags. It now has a very similar set of tags to the dispatch note etc, which makes sense as both documents relate to a shipment. So now you can add customer contact details etc to a pick sheet, if you need to. 

New permissions

You can now set these permissions for each of your users as you need to
  • Allocate sales order line 
  • De-allocate sales order line
  • Discount / Edit price on a sales order line
  • Discount whole sales order

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New features: Xero invoice taxes, new permissions and more

Price lists allowed per customer

You can now restrict a given customer to one or more price lists. If this is a customer portal user, they will only be able to see the price lists that you've chosen.

Xero tax rates smarter

If you use different tax rates on different products and/or sales orders, the Xero integration will normally apply the Xero account default tax rate, but this is now smarter and if you switch your Xero integration to "create a new tax type" then each invoice line will have the tax rate you expect.

Serial number deletion

  • You can now delete serial numbers

New permissions

  • New permission: edit order
  • New permission: create order

Features hidden unless you have permission

  • Print invoice
  • Print order
  • Cancel order 
  • Get email updates
  • Complete order
  • Remove tax

Friday, 4 July 2014

22 minute OrderHarmony webinar now available online!

You can now see a full overview of OrderHarmony's main features on our recorded webinar.

To take a look, just visit:

The webinar can also be accessed across 9 bitesize videos which cover:

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Permissions, Reports, Merge Tags

New Permissions

We've just released these new permissions, which allow you to fine-tune what your users can do within your account:

  • Cancel sales orders
  • Use quotes
  • Hold sales orders
  • Get sales order email updates
  • Remove sales order tax
  • Create invoices
If you already had "manage orders" permissions, for example, you'll now have these fine-grained permissions, too, but you've now got the additional flexibility for new and existing users.

Find the new permissions in Settings / People / Users 

Customer Sales Value Report

This new report gives you a summary of order values, with a row per order. You can filter by customer and date range, and change the order states that you are interested in.

Find the new report in Reports / Sales Orders / Order Value Report

New Product Property Merge Tag

You can now alter the layout of the shipment lines table in the dispatch note PDFs, and embed your product properties  too. This is the shape of things to come in the templates, where we're allowing you a lot more flexibility in the layout. We've started here but there's more to come, please do let me know which tables you're most keen to be able to customise.

Friday, 20 June 2014

New Drop Shipping Features

If you do any drop shipping, or you want to start, you'll like OrderHarmony's latest feature release
  • Drop ship from your supplier direct to your customers
  • Use multiple suppliers to fulfil a single sales order
  • Ship part of an order from stock, and drop ship the rest
  • Allow your suppliers to log in and update their own purchase orders
  • Dispatching the drop-ship PO updates the sales order line, automatically

There's a lot more information including a walk-through with screenshots on our help site.



Thursday, 29 May 2014

New features including Sales Order files

We've just released some new features, available now to all OrderHarmony customers:

  • Upload files to your Sales Orders, and they are available to download by any of your users
  • Edit price on a sales order now allows you to edit the unit price, not just the line price
  • "Desired ship date" is now a merge tag you can use on the sales order and invoice PDFs 
  • New permission for the customer portal: manage shipments and manage orders (only for this customer)
  • "Customer email" is now a merge tag you can use on the sales order PDF
Hope you find them useful... let us know in the comments below!